September 22, 2021

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March 2004 | Vol. III - No. 3

Kid Inventor Wins Toy Competition

By Rosette Gonzales
March 2004

Wild Planet Toys hosts an annual competition, allowing kids the opportunity to become the next Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell. Most recently, eleven-year-old Nathan Tang from Southern California became the proud inventor of the next concept to be made into a toy by Wild Planet.

His ingenious Explorer’s Gloves won over judges and will be part of the company’s Off The Map outdoor adventure brand. The Explorer’s Gloves are utility gloves, fully equipped with a compass, lights, magnifying glass, digital clock, tweezers, clips and a utility cord.

After submitting a drawing of the picture to the Kid Inventor Challenge contest, Nathan was contacted and invited to become part of the 2003 Kid Inventor Team (K.I.T.). As one of the lucky kids on the team, Nathan was able to preview and review toys before they hit the market. He also was able to keep the toys he reviewed. Additionally, as the winning inventor out of 100 kids on the K.I.T., Nathan will be receiving royalty checks from the Explorer’s Gloves.

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