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April 2022 | Vol. XXI - No. 4

Kids and Games News 04/06/2022

By TDmonthly Staff
April 2022

A Very Good Story About Joel Embiid Crushing Kids At Video Games
Joel Embiid is a gift to the game of basketball. He's a guy who is one of the best players in the NBA, and has a real chance to be named the...
Games Inbox: What age kids is Lego Star Wars suitable for?
The Wednesday letters page compares Zelda: Skyword Sword with Elden Ring, as one reader asks about the Axie Infinity hacking incident.
The Atlantic
What Happens When Kids Get Their History From Video Games?
More students are being exposed to historical narratives through game play—but what exactly are they being taught?
The Washington Post
Ask Amy: Is my video game rule for my young kids an overreaction?
Reader worries about her husband and father letting her 6- and 4-year-old sons watch them play mature video games.
Roblox: The children's game with a sex problem
A BBC investigation has found virtual sex parties are taking place in a popular online children's game.
The first Black woman CEO in the Fortune 500 on work-life balance: You don't have 'to go to all your kids' games'
Former Xerox CEO Ursula Burns says she balanced work and family by "outsourcing the caring for my kids." Here's what that means, and how it...
Best Switch Games For Kids In 2022: 35 Family-Friendly Titles To Play
From New Pokemon Snap to Pokemon Legends: Arceus, here are some of the best Switch games for kids of all ages.
Ithaca Times
A Kids' Game
I once coached soccer to very young kids and would emphasize the ... Oversized mascots are a big entertainment feature of ball games these...
Deseret News
Are video games safe for kids? How to use parental controls on consoles
Kid playing a video game. Photo Illustration by Michelle Budge. The University of Michigan surveyed parents of teenagers about gaming.

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