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December 2023 | Vol. XXII - No. 12

Unleashing the Potential: Online Board Games in 2023

By Laura N. Larsson
December 2023

Part 1: Unveiling the Digital Board Game Revolution: Online Emulators in 2023

The world of board games has expanded beyond the confines of our living rooms, venturing into the exciting realm of digital platforms. Online emulators like Tabletopia, Board Game Arena, and are now offering players the opportunity to experience the joy of board games with friends and family, regardless of distance or physical limitations. But what are these emulators, and how do they work?

Understanding Online Emulators:

An online emulator is a software program that replicates the experience of playing a physical board game in the digital domain. These emulators typically offer a virtual representation of the game board, components, and rules, allowing players to interact with the game through intuitive interface elements. Many emulators also offer additional features, such as:

Benefits of Online Emulators:

Drawbacks of Online Emulators:

Exploring Popular Online Emulators:

Here are some of the most popular online emulators in 2023, each offering unique features and catering to different preferences:

1. Tabletopia:

2. Board Game Arena:


Part 2: Unboxing Popular Games on Online Emulators: Unveiling Strategies and Expert Tips

Now that we've explored the general features and benefits of online emulators, let's dive deeper into specific games and their compatibility with these platforms. We'll provide expert insights and strategies, helping you maximize your online gaming experience.

1. Wingspan:


Emulators: Tabletopia, Board Game Arena


Expert Tip: Utilize the "Advanced Bird Viewer" feature on Tabletopia to access detailed information about each bird, helping you to make informed decisions and strategize effectively.

2. Azul:


Emulators: Board Game Arena, Yggdrasil


Expert Tip: Use the "Highlight Valid Moves" feature on Board Game Arena to visualize all possible placements for each tile, helping you make quick and informed decisions.

3. The Crew:


Emulators: Tabletopia, Yggdrasil


Expert Tip: Utilize the "Hand Viewer" feature on Tabletopia to see the cards played by your teammates, helping you to infer their remaining cards and strategize accordingly.

Part 3: Unmasking Hidden Gems and Kickstarter Treasures: Online Emulators Beyond the Hype

While popular titles like Wingspan and Azul dominate the online board game landscape, a treasure trove of hidden gems awaits adventurous players. Let's delve into some lesser-known games that offer unique experiences and captivating gameplay, all accessible through online emulators.

1. Under Falling Skies:


Emulators: Tabletopia, Board Game Arena

Genre: Cooperative, Strategy, Puzzle

Players: 1-4

Playing Time: 60-90 minutes

Overview: In Under Falling Skies, you and your fellow players work together to rebuild civilization after a devastating asteroid impact. Manage resources, construct buildings, and overcome challenges to ensure the survival and prosperity of your civilization.


Expert Tip: Utilize the "Shared Board View" feature on Board Game Arena to collaborate with your teammates and plan your city's development efficiently.

2. Lost Ruins of Arnak:


Emulators: Tabletopia

Genre: Deck-building, Adventure, Worker Placement

Players: 1-4

Playing Time: 90-120 minutes

Overview: Embark on an exciting archaeological expedition in Lost Ruins of Arnak. Explore ancient temples, collect artifacts, manage resources, and acquire knowledge to uncover the secrets of a lost civilization.


Expert Tip: Utilize the "Card Pool Filter" feature on Tabletopia to filter cards based on specific criteria, helping you make informed decisions during the drafting phase.

3. Ark Nova:


Emulators: None yet (Kickstarter project)

Genre: Strategy, Worker Placement, Resource Management

Players: 1-4

Playing Time: 120-180 minutes

Overview: Design and build your own modern zoo in Ark Nova, a highly anticipated Kickstarter project coming soon to Tabletopia. Manage finances, research new animals, and create an ideal environment for your zoo to thrive.


Expert Tip: Stay updated on the Ark Nova Kickstarter campaign for the latest information and access to the Tabletopia Beta version once it becomes available.


Part 4: Conquering the Digital Frontier: Online Tournaments and Challenges for Competitive Players

For dedicated board game enthusiasts who crave a competitive edge, online tournaments and challenges offer an exhilarating platform to test their skills and vie for victory. Whether you're a seasoned strategist or a rising star, these digital battlegrounds provide ample opportunities to hone your gameplay and measure your abilities against other players from around the world.

Embracing the Competitive Spirit:

Benefits of Online Tournaments:

Strategies for Tournament Success:

Popular Online Tournament Platforms:

Expert Tips for Competitive Players:

Embrace the digital frontier of board games, delve into the thrilling world of online tournaments and challenges, and conquer the competitive landscape with your strategic prowess!

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