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K-dron made its 2004 American International Toy Fair debut with a product line that includes game broads, puzzles, inside out globe, and building blocks.

K-dron is an 11-sided geometrical figure that, when fitted with another K-dron makes the K-dron Kube and opens up a world of over 38,416 thrilling and colorful design solutions.

Patented and copyrighted by K-dron Marketing, The “K-dron Kube” is in the same geometric field as Archimedes Puzzle, the famed mathematician’s 1,000 year-old manuscript explaining the geometry of combinatorics (a square and its divisions).

K-dron targets a wide market including picture puzzle for preschoolers and difficult number and design games for adults.

K-dron ‘s inside out globe allows the viewer to stand inside a globe at both the North Pole and the South Pole and see what stands directly across the world. On the reverse sides are the southern and northern constellations.


The ultimate learning tool that revolutionizes the way we look at the world.

Never before has the world looked so square - and so cool - than with the K-Inside Out Globe, the revolutionary K-DRON configuration that is sure to change the study of cartography and geography in school forever. The colorful and sturdy earth and sky globe allows viewers to "stand" inside the world at both the North and South Poles and at the Northern and Southern Constellations.
One-of-a-kind blocks are a great balancing act!

The tools of imagination and creativity come together in one amazing form with K-Gravity Building Blocks, helping kids reach their full potential to design and build exciting architectural structures that seem to defy the laws of gravity! Building from narrow bases to wide tops, the one-of-a-kind K-Gravity Building Blocks are unmatched in the logistical dynamics of balance.

Two action games in one that transform Chess into a strategic battle of wits, memory -- and design know how

K-Chess operates on the same rules as Chess, but with a novel twist. K-DRONs serve as five different chess pieces in the board game, transforming themselves into new chessmen with every move and every taken K-DRON. From the lowly pawn to the sought after castle, K-Chess is a game of strategy, smarts and memory. But that''s not all! K-Chess also turns itself into a wild design puzzle, generating over 38,416 possible color pattern solutions in three levels of difficulty. For kids and adults alike!
Turn any photo or image into a work of art!

Made of clear or colored plexiglass, the K-dron Picture Frame is just one of many specialty gift applications for this versatile geometrical shape, formed from interlocking two K-DRONs. The picture frame allows viewers to see an image or a photo at all angles.

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