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For over 20 years, Sandtastik has been manufacturing the ‘World’s Safest Sand’ now available in 30 vibrant colors. Safe sand? Sandtastik Classic Colored Sand is the only sand in the world which contains no free silica or quartz. 100% natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Our sand is certified safe by the Arts & Crafts Materials Institute (ACMI) for children of all ages.

One very distinct feature of Sandtastik’s sand is its eye-catching sparkles occurring naturally within the grains. This sparkling effect is also carried over when the sand is colored too. It’s truly beautiful and astonishing sand to look at!

If it sparkles, it’s Sandtastik!

Through sand play, a child develops physically, intellectually, artistically and socially. Children will discover and explore new shapes, learn measurements, develop primary motor skills, improve communication and language skills and visualize their world in new and wonderful ways.

Sandtastik Plaster Molds
Sandtastik Plaster Mix
An enjoyable craft project/activity for children and adults. Recommended for use with Sandtastik PlasterMix. 18 unique and reusable Molds per pack. Simply choose the preferred color of plaster, mix the colored plaster with water, pour the mixture into Sandtastik Plaster Molds, wait 30 minutes, and then paint and decorate. Plaster Molds can be re-used over and over again.

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Sandtastik supplies safe non-toxic colored PlasterMix in 8 different colors including white, yellow, blue, purple, red, brown, orange and green molding PlasterMix. PlasterMix is perfect to use with Plaster Molds, for creating exciting craft projects like handprints or animal paw prints and can even be used as chalk when dried. Available in 1 kg bags, NEW 5 lb bags and 10 kg bags. Custom Packaging also available.

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Sandtastik Sand Scenes Sailing In The Wind
Sandtastik Rappit Plaster Molding Cloth (4 x 15' Roll)

Colored sand scenes from Sandtastik. Package contains two die cut 5x7 boards and 6 sparkling sand colors. More scenes coming soon..

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Sandtastik Rappit Plaster Molding Cloth is made from safe and non-toxic materials for all ages to imagine, create and enjoy. Ideal for making volcanoes, masks, body castings, sculptures, jewelry, dioramas and more! Simply cut, dip in water, squeeze out excess, and begin to model. From set up to finished craft in minutes. Available in rolls of 4”x15’, 8”x15’, 4”x135’, 4”x270’, 22lbs Box

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1110 Hansler Road, Unit 1
Welland, Ontario, Canada L3C 7M5
Ph: (905) 734-7340
Fax: (800) 831-6111
Alt Phone: (800) 845-3845

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