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Welcome to Waboba. We provide outdoor fun for everyone with the world famous original balls that bounce on water + more. Get in the game!

Since 2005, we have been dedicated to developing fun, innovative products for people to play with and enjoy all over the world. Even though Waboba first began as “The Ball that Bounces on Water” (thanks to our inventor, Jan von Heland), we soon realized millions of Wabobians would go through withdrawal if they didn’t have something fun to play with on land too. So we created the Street, MOON, and Flyer to keep the obsession going strong during the colder months.

Today, Waboba is a worldwide brand with different cultures bouncing our balls on every continent. Our goal is to connect people with our simple belief of having fun outside. Because when you’re having fun with others, there are no differences. Nor do you think about all the petty stuff or stress in your life. All becomes a distant memory when you bounce outside with Waboba. So join us and play with the world!

Find us at the following tradeshows: New York International Toy Fair, Surf Expo, ASTRA Marketplace, and more!

Big Kahuna
Moon Ball
The Big Kahuna is Waboba’s biggest and most versatile Waboba ball yet! Its larger size limits the speed of the ball, making it easy to catch. The Big Kahuna bounces on water only. Take it anywhere! Pools, lakes, oceans, rivers, etc., - great for all water environments. Available in assorted colors. Ball size: 4” diameter.

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A small step for Waboba, a giant bounce for mankind. The Moon Ball just may be the most extraordinary ball to hit the ground in the history of the universe. And now, you have the power to bounce it out of this world! Well almost. We didn't want to make it bounce so high, it would knock the real moon out of the universe. The Moon's crazy, gravity-defying features will turn a routine game into an out of this world free-for-all on a playground, skate park, gym court or basement. Get ready to expect the unexpected.

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Extreme Ball
The Waboba Surf
Play life to the extreme! The Waboba Extreme is the most versatile of all the Waboba balls. It is perfect for all open water play at the beach, lake, or even the local city fountain. Its ability to bounce high and fast makes it a fun and challenging water sport to be enjoyed by everyone. With its extreme wow factor, you’ll get attention everywhere you take your Waboba ball.

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The Waboba Surf is the newest addition to our line of water bouncing balls. It is a bit softer than the Extreme, making it perfect for all around family fun at the ocean, lake, or river. Skip it, throw it, bounce it back and forth; however way you play, it will provide great fitness fun for hours until the sun goes down.

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PO Box 542137
Greenacres, FL 33454-2137
Ph: 919-554-3619
Fax: 561-282-0825

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