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Vertical Partners West, LLC is the parent company of well known brands such as Venom, Atomik RC, Steerix and Bias Batteries. Founded in 2001, VPW has provided quality RC and toy products to hobby shops, toy stores and wholesale re-sellers for over a decade. VPW has become well known for providing a superior level of customer service for both its wholesale customers and end users alike. VPW also serves as a direct importer of over 50 brands allowing their customers a wide variety of products across the hobby and toy market. VPW also specializes in OEM manufacturing opportunities allowing wholesale customers access to custom branded products to suite their needs.

D.I.Y Paint and Fly Glider and Paint Kits
Parents are looking for an alternative to television and video games as a better way to spend quality time with their children while building creativity and imagination. Today, Vertical Partners West, LLC announces the release of an exciting new line of products from J-Color USA that meets this need.
Designed for children, aimed at parents; the D.I.Y Paint and Fly Glider and Paint Kits are the first hand launched foam gliders that allow kids of all ages to easily assemble, paint and then fly their own personalized glider. Each kit comes complete with everything you need including an easy to assemble foam glider, six brilliant colored paints, paintbrush and a pallet to mix the perfect colors for your masterpiece.

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The unique feature of these products is a special paint blend that when soaked in water allows the paint to be peeled off with ease, leaving a blank canvas for endless re-painting possibilities.

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The D.I.Y. Paint -N- Fly Glider & Paint Kits are available in two sizes and four different models. The large planes feature three distinct styles and are retail priced at $19.99, while the Nano sized glider comes in one style retail priced at $12.99. These products are perfect for kids of all ages and abilities and make a great craft activity for social clubs, after-school projects, summer camps, church camps, scouts and more.

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Let your child’s inner Picasso come alive as they create a flying masterpiece with the Paint and Fly glider DIY paint kit! Created with durable foam, this glider can handle even the most enthusiastic of fliers and is an engaging project for creative minds. The fun does not stop when you are done flying! The special paint provided in the kit dries fast and when the paint job is not so new anymore, it is easily removed by soaking the glider in water. Now your budding artist has a fresh canvas to work with for their next great de-sign. Excellent for school art projects, clubs, birthday parties, or anytime there is a need for a creative way to get loved ones away from the television doing something as constructive as it is fun.

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14028. N. Ohio Street
Rathdrum, ID 83858
Ph: 800-705-0620
Fax: 208-712-3053

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