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In 1999, The Young Scientists Club was founded to fill a void in quality science products for young children that would engage boys as well as girls ages 5 and up. We believe that children should be exposed to the exciting fields of science at an early age with fun and engaging hands-on games, activities, and experiments that are accompanied by age-appropriate information on specific science topics. All of our products are designed by a team of Harvard graduates, scientists, educators, and parents with one purpose in mind-to combine fun and fascination with quality and learning in each and every product.

The Young Scientists Club is thrilled to have received multiple prestigious awards for our products such as Dr. Toy awards, Creative Child Magazine awards, The Teacher’s Choice award, National Parenting Center award, and the iParenting award. The mission of The Young Scientists Club has always been clear and simple – to offer children quality, science-related products that will fascinate them with the wonders of scientific discovery and spark their interest in future scientific endeavors.

Adventure Science Series
The Magic School Bus Series
ADVENTURE SCIENCE SERIES– is a series of fun and exciting science kits for young children that stimulates their innate desire to learn and discover. This hands-on exploration will give children an Educational Science Adventure that will Last a Lifetime!”

Volcano Madness, Zany Crystals, Water Splash, Chemistry Blast, Ultimate Illusions, Awesome Bubbles, Magic Magnets, and Wacky Weather.

Winner! Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products (2005), Dr. Toy 10 Best Educational Products (2005), Creative Child Preferred Choice Award (2006)

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THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS SERIES – is a series of fun and exciting science kits based on the popular Magic School Bus book series by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen. Ms Frizzle and her students make science an exhilarating experience.

The World of Germs, The Mysteries of Rainbows, and A Journey into The Human Body.

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The Young Scientist Series
Dig Real Fossils
THE YOUNG SCIENTIST SERIES (2007 new packaging)– is a series unique in that each set contains three complete science kits (3 manuals/3 supply bags) that will provide Young Scientists with hours of science experiments, learning, and fun. The sets can be completed in order to experience the ultimate science adventure, or they can be done individually. Get Young Scientists hooked and they will come back for more.

Winner! Dr. Toy Best 100 products, The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Learning Research Institute Outstanding Resource Award, national Parenting Publications Honors Award, Learning Magazine 2004 Teachers’ Choice Award, Practical Homeschooling Reader Award.

Set 1 – Recycling (kit 1), Scientific Measurements (kit 2), Magnets (kit 3)
Set 2 – Weather (kit 4) , Solids, Liquids, and Gases (kit 5), Volcanoes (kit 6)
Set 3 – Minerals (kit 7), Crystals (kit 8), Fossils (kit 9)
Set 4 – Bacteria and Fungi (Kit 10), Weight and Volume (kit 11), Acids and Bases (kit 12)
Set 5 – Water (kit 13), Capillary Action (kit 14), Air (kit 15)
Set 6 – Flight (kit 16), Heart and Lungs (kit 17), Digestive System (kit 18)
Set 7 – Bones and Muscles (kit 19), The Senses (kit 20), Light (kit 21)
Set 8 – Mirrors (kit 22), Electricity (kit 23), Circuits and Electromagnets (kit 24)
Set 9 – Magnetism (kit 25), Static Electricity (kit 26), Tornadoes, Clouds, and Water Cycle (kit 27)
Set 10 – Seeds, Fruits, and other Plant Parts (kit 28), Eggs (kit 29), Owls (kit 30)
Set 11 – Stars (kit 31), Planets (kit 32), Forces (kit 33)
Set 12 – Surface Tension (kit 34), Polymers (kit 35), Famous Scientists and Their Experiments (kit 36)

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DIG REAL FOSSILS - Become a Paleontologist! Dig for REAL fossils that are millions of years old!

In this simulation of a real paleontology fossil dig, children dig for a fossilized shark tooth, brachiopod shell, gastropod shell, and “squid” shell. These real -millions of years old- fossils are enclosed in a cool “brick” and are revealed by using the supplied scraping and brush tools (similar to what real paleontologists use). Young paleontologists then take a closer look at these fossils with the enclosed magnifying glass and learn fascinating details about each fossil using the provided fun fact sheet. The easy-to-open tube also serves as a display case for the discovered fossils which can then be treasured for many years to come. DIG REAL FOSSILS is an exciting and fascinating introduction to paleontology and is sure to be a sensation with children of all ages!

Winner! Creative Child Magazine Seal of Approval

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