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Marshmallows aren’t for hot CoCoa and S’mores anymore. Our line of product has definitely dispelled the myth that you can not have fun with food. To see more product offering or for more information check out our website.

Video: Marshmallow Fun Co. at the Teen Choice Awards

Bow & Mallow
The Marshmallow Blaster
The Bow & Mallow, the newest addition to the marshmallow arsenal, is sure to hit the mark. With a target ship date of July the Bow & Mallow will be perfect for summer play. As the name implies, this new toy takes the form of a Bow & Arrow and with each pull of the bow string hurls mini-marshmallows up to 30 feet. Magazines from the original Marshmallow Shooter can be used interchangeably with those of the Bow & Mallow to give even more rapid fire action. Pairing the Bow & Mallow with the Shooter and Blaster launches a new century twist on the age old game of Cowboys & Indians.

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When a mini-marshmallow doesn\'t pack the punch you need, you need the Marshmallow Blaster! Firing a regular size marshmallow at a time you can peg your friends with big marshmallows from 40 feet away!

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Marshmallow Shooter
Camo Series Shooter
The ultimate fun toy and Creative Child Magazine’s 2004 Seal of Excellence Winner, is an excellent addition to the home or office. Its pump-action rapid fire design shoots mini-marshmallows over 30 feet. The easy-to-refill magazine holds over 20 marshmallows (or foam pellets—5 samples are included) for fast, nonstop action.

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This year the award-winning original marshmallow shooter will take on a new look. Our Camo Series Shooter will operate just as the Original Marshmallow Shooter does; only it will be ready for out door fun with the new camouflage style. The outdoor inspired design will set your child’s imagination free for hours of riveting simulated play.

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2544 Elm Street Suite 200
Dallas, TX 75226
Ph: 877.894.6073
Fax: 850.894.6073

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