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Baby Abuelita Productions, Inc.

Originally conceived by a pair of working mothers – a teacher and a psychotherapist – "Los Abuelitos" were designed to preserve Hispanic heritage for every generation. Abuelita Rosa and Abuelito Pancho are sweet, loveable, lullaby singing dolls who invite you to join them on a nostalgic journey as they sing "canciones de cuna", the traditional Hispanic songs of early childhood. Baby Abuelita products develop learning while preserving Hispanic cultural heritage, which is unlike any product currently on the market.

The Baby Abuelita products preserve Pan-Hispanic cultural heritage, teach music and creativity, enhance listening and learning skills, promote language skills, and develop social skills. This unique line of plush dolls sings very special nursery rhymes that will warm your heart, recapture the memories of your childhood and teach a new generation the joys of Hispanic musical heritage. Abuelita Rosa wears a pink "bata de casa" while Abuelito Pancho is dressed in a yellow guayabera with blue trousers; their two grand-daughters, Baby Andrea and Baby Tita, wear purple and blue gingham dresses, respectively, and bows in their hair. The Sing Along with Abuelita Rosa book has 5 musical buttons that play music for the songs featured in the book, which provides lyrics in Spanish and English. The newest products to release will be in Q2 2008 - a 3-episode direct-to-home DVD entitled "Family Fiesta", the first of our animated series and in Q3 2008 – our first infant musical doll, Baby Mimi.

First time wholesale orders are set at a minimum of 48 dolls. Books are sold in a box of 12 minimum. Shipping charges vary depending on location.

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