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Toy Donations

The Toy Bank
c/o Gifts In Kind International
333 N. Fairfax St.
Alexandria, VA 22314 USA

The Toy Bank is a repository where donors from both Gifts In Kind International and the Toy Industry Association can donate at any time of the year and have access to more than 200,000 nonprofits that are part of Gifts In Kind’s local programs across the country and around the world.

Gifts In Kind International

Nonprofits can use the Gifts In Kind Web site to search for the nearest local affiliate or register with Gifts In Kind directly. Registered organizations can also use the site to find available goods and services. Donors can go to the site to download donation agreements for products and services, which can be faxed back to the organization at (703) 549-1481.

Gifts In Kind is funded by a number of major companies and foundations. A complete list of funders, as well as lists of in-kind supporters and volunteers, can be found in the online version of the organization's annual report.

Contact: Ernest Lissabet, External Communications Manager
Phone: (703) 836-2121
Fax: (703) 549-1481
Toy Industry Foundation
1115 Broadway, suite 400
New York, NY 10010

Tel: +1 (212) 675-1141
Fax: +1 (212) 633-1429

The Toy Foundation’s mission is to provide joy and comfort to children in need through the experience
of toys and play.

Play makes a difference! That is why they distribute toys and grant funding to children’s charities across North America and around the world. Read more about the programs and partnerships to learn how they bring joy and comfort to children in need though the experience of
toys and play.

Their signature program , through which over 1,500 toy companies have donated millions of toys for millions of children in need.

  • They hope to significantly reduce and prevent traumatic stress reactions in children and their families from this research partnership.

  • Building hope and establishing trust for foster children through toys and play.

  • Learn about past programs and how they are making a difference in the lives of some very special kids!


    To donate to The Toy Bank, please contact a member of the product donation team:


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