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Caboodle! Toys LLC (Noah’s Pals)

Caboodle! Toys LLC is a company born from a simple idea. When you “collect them all” you deserve kudos for your efforts, namely with a Caboodle!™ - a box of special, exclusive rewards. Caboodle!™ rewards are not offered for sale and can only be earned by collecting a complete series. Indeed, the Caboodle!™ is Caboodle! Toys' way of saying ‘thank you' to its best collectors. All products come with collector ID Cards bearing unique serial codes. Upon collecting and registering the codes of an entire series, the Caboodle!™ will be mailed at no cost to diligent collectors. As part of the collect to win™ model, every month prizes are awarded to collectors who register their products online.

Noah's Pals™, the premier collection from Caboodle! Toys, includes forty pairs of lovingly sculpted and beautifully hand-painted animal figures. Noah's Pals™ has been designed for the collector from the start. From the miniature jackrabbits and skunks to the large elephants and giraffes, the 1:24 scale of Noah's Pals™ creates a truly cohesive menagerie of animals. Sold in pairs, each package includes an instructive ID Card containing scientific data and a unique ID Code. Five of the animal pairs are endangered, so just 10,000 editions of them have been made. Suggested retail price for the animal pairs is $2.50 to $20.00.

Collectors are encouraged to register their Pals online at, an impressive and interactive website highlighted by informative animal background stories, a fun Noah's Ark game, and a download center featuring a free coloring book. Noah's Pals™ is an enjoyable and educational collection that's perfect for children 3 and up -- and adults too!

Place your order for Noah's Pals™ today by calling us at 866-CABOODLE.

You can also visit our online site exclusively for distribution partners:

Caboodle! Toys is a proud member of the TIA and ASTRA.

Caboodle! Toys LLC (Noah’s Pals) primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:

Action Figures
Animal Figures
Play Sets

1140 Broadway, Suite 907; New York, NY 10001
Fax: 646-224-5712
Toll Free: 866-CABOODLE

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