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Juno Baby, LLC.

Juno Baby is an award winning children's edutainment company devoted to producing music, videos, books, apparel, and plush of the highest quality. Juno Baby products cater to discerning, artistic parents who are looking for a premium alternative to mainstream children's media products available on the market today.

Juno Baby is the creation of husband-and-wife team, Adam Adelman and Belinda Takahashi, PhD. When they were expecting their first child, their excitement and enthusiasm for their new roles as parents was a dramatic watershed in their lives. Belinda, an award winning composer and educator, was eager, with Adam's help, to expose their child to a world of music and art. When they realized, however, that the market's interpretation of classical music and the arts consisted of synthesized sounds and budget concerns which favor marketing over quality, they saw a new challenge. They were determined to create something better - something genuine, artistic, educational, and entertaining.

The Music of Juno Baby
All of the original music of Juno Baby was written by Co-founder, Dr. Belinda Takahashi. The pieces are each performed by live orchestral musicians to take advantage of the full capacity of a baby's ear. In addition, each video contains three classical music selections by composers including Mozart and Brahms.

The Content of Juno Baby
The content of Juno Baby DVDs are based largely on the finding published in the American Behavior Scientist which suggests that "(that programs where) characters speak directly to the child, actively elicit participation, label objects, and provide opportunities to respond, were positively related to expressive language production and vocabulary."

Awards for Juno Baby
  • Juno Baby nominated for two regional Emmy Awards (Best Children's Program and Best Original Music) and Winner for Best Original Music!
  • Parents' Choice Award: Way to Go, Juno and Juno's Rhythm Adventure win for 2006 and 2007!
  • Juno Baby sweeps iParenting awards for 2006. All three new titles named winners!
  • Juno Baby named to Dr. Toy's Top Ten List for the third year in a row (the only years submitted).
  • Juno Baby named to Dr. Toy's Top 100 Toys List for third year in a row.
  • Juno Baby named Best Vacation Product by Dr. Toy.
  • Juno Baby received The Dove Foundation's highest honors - a rare 5 out of 5 rating.
  • All three new titles named Preferred Choice Winners for Creative Child Magazine's awards program for 2006.
  • Juno Baby awarded Toys Tips Mark of Excellence!

To celebrate our 2007 Emmy Award for Best Original Music, we are offering 10% off for new customers.

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