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Kelmar Games Corp.

Tricky Town® is a light strategy, skill-building board game. As the game progresses, players have many options to use a fascinating combination of moves. Players can move their own pieces or their opponents' pieces forward or backwards gaining points (treats) which ultimately - at the end of the game - will be added up to determine the winner. Thinking outside the box and creativity are used to create or develop interesting moves. By using specific cards (Trick or Treat cards) players can make an excellent move out of a negative one. For example, a player could be facing a loss of points (treats) on a move but by using these cards could change the move into a gain of points instead. Players can also use these cards to move opponents to spaces where they (the opponents) will have to either return points to the bank (treat basket) or pay the player who moved them.

The game is based on each player moving a family of two kid pieces and two parent pieces around the town of Tricky Town® collecting treats and avoiding tricks while always keeping the kid pieces 4 spaces or less from at least one of their parent pieces.

Every round the players have decisions to make from a variety of choices to decide which piece to move and how to move it. Strategies and choices vary as the positions of the playing pieces change on the board and as the game progresses there are more options to consider.

The game ends when one complete family makes it back home. The winner is the player with the most points (treats) at the end of the game. The family to reach home first may not necessarily be the one who wins, so everyone stays interested until the end.

Tricky Town® gives players the opportunity to think outside the box, to be creative and to have lots of fun!

In addition to being selected Best Family Game 2007, Tricky Town® has won the following prestigious awards: Dr. Toy Smart Play / Smart Toy Award winner for 2006, an iParenting Media Award winner for 2006, a Preferred Choice Award winner from Creative Child Magazine and received The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval 2006.

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