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Kidz By Dezign, Inc.

At Kidz By Dezign, we seek through our line of lifestyle Slumber Girls products for Tween Girls, to encourage community, cultural connectivity, creativity, and imaginative play for girls the world over! Headlined by the Slumber Girls franchised series of historical-fiction based young-readers adventure/mystery novels our award winning product line focuses on the promotion of parent appreciated, wholesome values, that we hope will help to guide young girls along their journey to becoming both educated and well-rounded women.

The heart of the Slumber Girls line lies in the 'girls' themselves-four charismatic, stylish and colorful characters, each a distinctive individual with a unique look, personality and set of talents. Prisi, MaiTae, Skye, Maya are simply four best friends who share a love for adventure, each other, and of course "slumber parties." Their vivid imaginations take them on exciting escapades that, until now, only existed in the minds of young girls around the globe. Each of the girls has a flare for the arts and is very outgoing as they display a sense of community and togetherness. Most important of all, they represent the child in all of us!

Prisi, the writer of the group, loves investigating things and writing about what she finds in the Slumber Girls Gazette. Prisi is a fashion legend in her own mind and most certainly has a style all her own. She is a whimsical "girly girl" who loves vibrant colors and big hats - even if they are too big! Artist MaiTae loves to paint and draw. She is fashion-conscious and always looks to dress with a sense of style. She dreams of being a famous artist and someday having her own gallery in New York. Music is a major part of Skye's life and when she grows up, she wants to be either a violinist in a symphony or a music teacher. She loves all kinds of music, especially classical, and wants to share her knowledge with everyone. Maya is the aspiring singer of the group. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Maya is always eager to take center stage. Her ultimate goal is to perform on Broadway. She is at home on the stage and has been in just about every school play!

Our current line package includes the series of novels for girls between the ages of 7 and 12 in addition to our character Cloth Dolls, Doll Accessories, signature Purse Pillows, decadent “O So Soft” Throws, yummy logo embroidered Fleece Blankets, sleek “Sassy Sacks” backpacks and totally awesome Totes! All of our products display age appropriate imagery and motifs that are blended with eye-catching color palettes that are as vivid and expressive as the Tweens themselves, and have received rave review from the mothers and daughters alike.

To locate a sales representative in your area, please contact Chris Carpenter at (800) 719 - KIDZ (5439).

Opening Orders
  • Minimum order is $250.00
  • Opening orders subject to Representative and Factory approval.
  • Opening orders should include:
    1. Payments with order (check or money order).
    2. Resale certificate and/or business license.
Conditions for Open Account terms
  • If you wish to establish open terms of Net 30, please submit standard credit application and trade references.
  • Past due accounts will be charged a service charge equal to 1 % per month, but in no event higher than permitted by law in the state where obligation is payable. Customers will pay on demand for all costs and reasonable attorney's fees incurred by customer who fails to pay invoices within credit terms.
  • If open account terms have not been established, then invoice must be prepaid by check or credit card at time of shipment. COD terms not available.
  • All prices subject to change without notice
  • All prices are subject to tax where applicable.

  • Returns, damages, and replacements
    • All merchandise must be inspected and problems reported within 7 working days of receipt and prior to delivery to consumer.
    • For damage replacements, all packing materials must be kept for inspection.
    • If customer returns merchandise or refuses shipment without authorization, customer will be responsible for the freight charges and restocking fee of 20%.

    Kidz By Dezign, Inc. primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:

    Dolls & Stuffed Toys
    Jewelry & Accessories

    1881 Kingston Way Lawrenceville GA 30044
    Tel: (770) 962 - 2181
    Fax: (678) 615 - 2247
    Toll Free: (800) 719 KIDZ (5439)

    E-mail wholesale inquiries to:




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