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Mayron's Good Baby is developed by director, writer, and Emmy-award winning actress Melanie Mayron (best known for her role as “Melissa” on the critically appraised TV show “thirtysomething”), and her chemist father David; Mayron's Good Baby is a cruelty-free, all natural skin care line that does not use synthetic fragrances, paraben, sodium lauryl sulfate, or DEA. Mayron likes to joke that her cruelty-free products have never been tested on animals and instead, “only on actresses' babies,” many of whom she has worked with personally over the years. In fact, Mayron’s Good Baby's “Our Best” Barrier and Diaper Cream has become increasingly popular with several celebrity moms who sing its praises.

"Twelve years ago my Dad and I set out to create a line of truly special products. A few years later I had two babies I had to care for and suddenly needed what we were trying to come up with-natural, clean, organic and beautiful products for my children. I was unhappy with everything out there and asked Dad if we could do better. He honestly thought we could. After a dozen years in the making I am delighted to introduce Mayron's Good Baby. Relax. You’ve finally found the right stuff for your baby’s skin."

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