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My Cow Moo is a very special blue-and-white cow born to a black-and-white pasture in CowTown, USA. Moo knew that there had to be more to life than eating grass, so she leaves CowTown in search of fun, friends and food -- because that is what brings us together as a socity! Moo scrapbooks her moomeries in storybook cowlection and hopes to teach your little one to be a silly storyteller too!

My Cow Moo inspires imaginative play and teaches story-telling. Let Moo be your personal cow-panion and take photos of your mooments with Moo and scrapbook them in your journal, "My Mooments with Moo". Send Moo five mooments with your cow moo and Moo will send you a personalized thank you card by snail-mail ... because that is what you do when a cowpal takes a mooment to touch your life!

Moo helps your child utilize media to express her voice and perception of the world through photography; the goal is to teach our children that media is used to express your voice and each voice is special rather than what our children thing -- that media is something you react to. At the same time it helps develop cognetive thinking, language art skills and silly fun! Because that is what play is all about!

Moo is proud to say that her books are printed in the USA.

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