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Pywacket Games produces Award-Winning, Fun, Strategic Family Games with a Strong Educational benefit. Our games are manufactured to an optimal level of quality, in line with our strong customer service. Pywacket games are designed to entertain a wide range of audiences and age groups. They are ideal as a fun activity for group gatherings, an evening with friends, or to share quality time with your family. Our Mission: "Bringing Family and Friends Together To Share Fun Experiences".

Keesdrow ("word seek" spelled backwards) is the Ultimate Word Seek Game! Fun and challenging with a strong educational benefit. High degree of interaction between children and adults. Identify words within a maze of letters, and score points based on the letters used. Connect letters in sequence - up, down, left, right, or diagonally. Use a letter the first time and insert a green peg for the value shown. Use a letter a second time and insert a yellow peg for double the value. Use it a third and final time and insert a red peg for triple the value. Two primary strategies: Build on other player's letters, using them for the second and third time to score extra points OR spell words with multiples of the same letter such as "bubble" and score extra points. All players have access at all times to the entire game board and to all letters on the board. Double-sided tiles for endless game play!

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