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The mission of Rio Grande Games is to promote the playing of family strategy games in the United States. We are particularly interested in getting families playing these games together. We feel that too many families have gotten away from spending time together. Playing good games together is a great way for families to spend social time together. Unfortunately, the quality of games published in the United States has not kept pace with those published in Germany, where families still spend a lot of time playing games together. As a result, families in the United States have drifted apart and spend their time watching TV or playing computer games separately instead of together.

As most of the really good family strategy games are designed and produced in Germany, Rio Grande Games works with the German publishers to publish English versions of these great games. To make the games we produce truly English, we translate all components into English: box, board, cards, rules, etc. We select games for their great mechanisms and for the high quality of their components. Our games, like the Germans, use wood and Plexiglas for many of the pieces, have gutterless boards that lie flat, and use linen paper to wrap the boards and boxes. To keep our quality high and our costs down, we produce our versions with the German versions using the same printers and, thus, the same quality components.

By working together with the German publishers, I can bring these great family strategy games to the United States at reasonable prices and often at the same time they are released in Germany. This allows those who have been fans of these games to get English versions as quickly as they could get German version shipped across the ocean.

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