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games for dames™ by sisters 2 inc was recently formed by two sisters who saw a void in the market for board games designed specifically for adult women. So they are designing a line of games for fun-loving, savvy women, of all ages, who love to laugh and love to hang out with their girlfriends. These are actual games, not just ‘talk about your feelings’ kind of activities. The packaging and graphics are sophisticated; the content, contemporary, edgy and funny but never raunchy. They’re excited to announce that their premiere game, What’s a DAME to do?!™ is now available.

What’s a DAME to do?!™
What’s a DAME to do?!™, the premiere board game from games for dames™, is all about laughing your way through life’s little “Dame Dilemmas” with your gal pals. The object of the game is to score points by using female intuition and humor to guess how players would react to given dilemmas. For example—you accidentally elbow a guy in the groin as you enter an elevator, what’s a dame to do?! (The answer is in the cards!)
The laughter begins as players look over their hand of Reaction Cards and give you answers that they think fit the bill. (Would she--Avoid eye contact? Slap on some lipstick? Stop drinking? Give a compliment? Laugh hysterically?) You secretly choose your answer then players guess what you chose. Simple and fun! Who guessed you best? It might not be who you think!

Players can get in the game—literally! By going to players can enter the CoverDame contest and win a chance to grace the box cover of the next edition of the game. They can also share dilemmas, reactions and testimonials, which will be considered for future editions, giving the player the credit!

A Dame hilarious game for 2-8 players
Ages: Women of all ages!
Wholesale Pricing: $16
Minimum Quantity: 1 case (6 games)

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