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Dinuba, CA

Bringing back the best of the 1940's and 50's.

Amercian Retro's offerings include: Pedal Car Sedans, Pedal Race Cars, Coca-Cola Merchandise, Jalopies, Estate Wagon, Pedal Airplanes, Fire Trucks, Bubble Clocks, Coke Machines, Classic Coolers, and Steering Wheels.

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Customer IconBINKLEY & HURST, LP
Lititz, PA

Binkley & Hurst LP is an importer and distributor for Dutch manufacturer BERG Toys, a leader in pedal go-kart markets around the world.

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Customer IconFEENIX LLC
Manteno, IL

Feenix offers Pedal Car lines with a blend of the classics, to satisfy the kid in all of us; as well as the contemporary, for those more in tune with today's designs.

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