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March 2013 | Vol. XII - No. 3

TDmonthly's Toy Fair Videos: Games and General Toys

Watch TDmonthly's Toy Videos from Toy Fair 2013

By Justina Huddleston
March 2013

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TDmonthly Magazine was at Toy Fair, scouting out the newest toys and hottest trends of 2013. Our videographer captured these new toys on tape, so that retailers who couldn't visit their booths can still get a taste of what these new toys have to offer.

Watch our Toy Fair videos of products in the Game and General Toy categories:

Imaginista™ Decoupage Jewelry by THE ORB FACTORY LIMITED

Imaginista™ Decoupage Jewelry by THE ORB FACTORY LIMITEDCut, rip, and Decoupage dozens of amazing accessories. Use patterned paper to create headbands, pendants, earrings, and more. Decorate with feathers, glitter, stickers, and over 13 yards of ribbon. Mix and match patterns for a completely unique look. The instruction booklet provides inspiration and step-by-step instructions to take you from beginner to advanced in no time.

 1/31/2013 (MSRP: $19.99; Age: 8 and Up)

The Book of Impossible Objects by KLUTZ

The Book of Impossible Objects by KLUTZThis book comes with all the plastic pieces, paper parts, and special pages you need to experience 25 impossible things. These objects work like magic, but there are no tricks. All this weirdness has a solid scientific basis and we tell you why — from the mathematically amazing Möbius strip (a band of paper with only one side), to cardstock acrobats with amazing balance, to a color-changing spinning top.

 2/22/2013 (MSRP: $19.99)

Soft Blocks by SOFT BLOCKS LLC

Soft Blocks by SOFT BLOCKS LLCSoft Blocks are soft, interlocking blocks that are safe for kids to use. It doesn't hurt to step on them, and kids won't pinch their fingers or have trouble pulling the blocks apart.


Marusenko Sphere by LION RAMPANT IMPORTS

Marusenko Sphere by LION RAMPANT IMPORTSThis Spanish sphere puzzle challenges users in several ways to solve the sphere, by matching the colors or making certain patterns. There are five different levels of difficulty, and the sphere can be twisted in nine different ways.

 2/21/2013 (MSRP: $24.99)

Organic Cotton Play House by PACIFIC PLAY TENTS INC

Organic Cotton Play House by PACIFIC PLAY TENTS INCThese "tent houses" feature fun designs including the "My Garage Play House" and a cute floral cottage. Made of organic cotton and wooden poles.


"The Jungle Book" Tents by PACIFIC PLAY TENTS INC

"The Jungle Book" Tents by PACIFIC PLAY TENTS INCThese sturdy tents feature reinforced tent corners, easy to use zippers, and no sharp corners. The tents feature colorful printed "The Jungle Book" designs from Disney's new show.
— "We do sell a lot of Pacific Play Tents - the tents with a cute theme," Kim Emigh, manager of e-commerce at Growing Tree Toys in State College, Pa., told TDmonthly in a June 2013 survey.


Organic Cotton TeePee by PACIFIC PLAY TENTS INC

Organic Cotton TeePee by PACIFIC PLAY TENTS INCThis organic cotton canvas teepee is supported by sustainable bamboo poles. Eco-Friendly and durable; folds into a carry bag.


Deluxe Marble Run by PLANTOYS

Deluxe Marble Run by PLANTOYSBuild a fantastic marble run with this brilliantly colored 30 – piece set. Watch the marbles spiral and hop down the various pieces of track. The Marble Run Deluxe is made of PlanWood, a sustainable material made from recycled sawdust.
— In a February 2014 survey, Julie Steinbach, owner of Rainbow Toys in Falmouth, Maine, told TDmonthly that Marble Runs were one of their best-selling wooden toys.

 2/21/2013 (MSRP: $50.00; Age: 3 and Up)

Duct Tape Messenger Bag™ by ALEX BRANDS

Duct Tape Messenger Bag™ by ALEX BRANDSMake the coolest bag with metallic colored duct tape! Rip and wrap the duct tape to cover the presewn bag (the cardboard insert makes it easy). Then add charms to jazz it up! Large enough to fit books and school supplies. 8 rolls of tape, pre sewn pouch with strap, cardboard insert, stencil, non-stick paper and easy to follow instructions are included.

 2/8/2013 (MSRP: $27.50; Age: 7 and Up)

MONOPOLY®: Skylanders™ by USAOPOLY

MONOPOLY®: Skylanders™ by USAOPOLYPortal Masters, let out your battle cry! MONOPOLY®: Skylanders™ is here and the Skylanders need your help to fight the forces of darkness. Buy, sell, and trade your way to reign over all of Skylands and protect the elements from evil. Then battle your opponents to be the true ruler of it all! Available to retailers: Summer 2013. SRP $39.95 ©2013 USAOPOLY. ©1935, 2013 HASBRO. ©2013 Activision Publishing, Inc. SKYLANDERS is a trademark and ACTIVISION is a registered trademark of Activision Publishing, Inc.

 2/25/2013 (MSRP: $39.95)

Wizard of Oz Monopoly by USAOPOLY

Wizard of Oz Monopoly by USAOPOLYYou’ve reached the intersection where Park Place meets the Yellow Brick Road… so grab your friends and family, click your heels three times and return to the magical Land of Oz. You’ll know you’re not in Kansas anymore with the world-famous MONOPOLY game. Follow the Yellow Brick Road as you buy, sell and trade your favorite locations in the movie. The center of the game features a pop-up of the most notable locations in the movie.


Schoenhut Student Guitar by SCHOENHUT PIANO COMPANY

Schoenhut Student Guitar by SCHOENHUT PIANO COMPANYLittle rock stars will take center stage playing Schoenhut's “next generation” guitar. Schoenhut's innovative design incorporating a molded composite body with dual curves greatly enhances sound and durability. The birch soundboard which offers excellent tone and resonance, hardwood neck (for rigidity), and molded composite fretboard ensure proper height and spacing of the frets. Six steel strings permit a wide range of rich sounds. Available in several vibrant designs. Includes: Pick and Extra String. Launch date: January 2012.
Awards: 2013 TDmonthly Seal of Approval

 11/16/2012 (MSRP: $59.99; Age: 3 to 12)

Li'l Big Haulers® Electric Train Sets by BACHMANN TRAINS

LiFeaturing a compact size and fanciful designs, Bachmann’s new Large Scale Li’l Big Haulers® are the perfect introduction to model railroading. Choose from three different ready-to-run sets - Fast Freight,  Short Line Special, and North Pole Express - that include a steam locomotive with operating headlight, brightly colored freight or passenger cars, hook-and-loop couplers, 4'3" of steel alloy track (12 pieces), and power pack/speed controller. There’s also a full selection of colorful separate-sale Li’l Big Haulers locomotives with tenders, tank engines, hoppers, tankers, coaches, baggage cars, and cabooses. Launch date: November 2012.

 11/16/2012 (MSRP: $279.00; Age: 8 and Up)


Washboard Tie by TROPHY MUSIC COMPANYThese musical neckties are made of corrugated sheet metal and can be played as a musical instrument when strumming metal-capped fingers along it.

(Watch the Washboard Tie Video Watch Video) 3/24/2010

BugLit™ by NITE IZE INC.

BugLit™ by NITE IZE INC.The BugLit "body" is actually our powerful INOVA Microlight - a tough micro flashlight encased in a durable polycarbonate plastic housing, with four functions (high power, low power, strobe, and signal). This bright white LED has an effective range of up to 50 feet, and one-mile visibility. Next, the securely attached "legs" are two flexible, fully moldable 6" Nite Ize Gear Ties, which can be bent, wrapped, or twisted in many configurations, to sit, stand, store, or shine the flashlight. Wrap the legs around the body for compact storage and transport. And, finally, its lightweight plastic S-Biner clip allows you to attach, hang, or store the BugLit for convenient access on zippers or keys.

 4/24/2012 (MSRP: $12.99)


ABUNDANT HARVEST for Teens & Adults (US Patent 7,073,792) is appropriate for ages 12 through adult. The situations presented in this version of the game are directed towards teenager and adult groups. Many of the situations deal with the difficult issues of drugs, family conflicts, peer pressure and the complex and unpredictable nature of being an adolescent and/or adult in today's world.

 11/16/2012 (Age: 12 and Up)


ABUNDANT HARVEST for Kids (US Patent 7,073,792) is appropriate for ages 5 through adult. The situations presented in this version of the game are directed towards children who are learning the importance of making decisions that are based on principle. The scenarios provide parents, caregivers and educators the opportunity to teach children, and allow children to begin to develop and apply principle-based reasoning skills as they work their way through situations common in today's world.
Awards: 2012 Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year Award; Dr. Toy’s® 2012 Best Vacation Toy; Parent Tested Parent Approved Award Winner.

 11/16/2012 (Age: 5 and Up)

Color + Number Sudoku Game Set by SUKUGO LLC

Color + Number Sudoku Game Set by SUKUGO LLCLoved by players of every age and skill level, the goal of Sudoku - a fun, addictive logic game - is to fill all 81 spaces on the 9x9 playing area with numbers, such that all digits 1-9 are used once per row, per column and per 3x3 region. Designed with balance in mind, our innovative approach to Sudoku equally engages both halves of the brain - the right side works on numerical challenges and reasoning while the left side focuses on color patterns and creativity. Although the large game board and colorful numbered pieces are designed to be enjoyed collaboratively with a partner, it's just as fun to play individually. Each Set includes: 1) Game Board (11.4" x 11.4") with Colored areas easy to distinguish each 3x3 region and indented round spaces to keep everything in place. 2) Round Game Pieces (216) includes, 81 primary game pieces which are identifiable by both colors and numbers and has a black or white star on its reverse side for use in other games, and 135 secondary game pieces with 15 of each number which are smooth and can move and slide easily. 3) Covered Storage Tray for easy to organize and store game pieces with ergonomic, rounded design which makes accessing the smooth game pieces easy. 4) Sukugo® Booklet with game instructions and 100 Sudoku games (10 levels of difficulty) and solutions. And 5) Carrying Case with Padded, zipper-closing case fits easily on a bookshelf and external pocket holds game piece tray and booklet.

 11/30/2012 (MSRP: $39.99; Age: 6 and Up)


Challenge kids' powers of deduction and their ability to think on their feet with this giant box of brainteasers. Made to be played at home, on the road, or on a family vacation, this set-up-free game is chock-full of cards that each contain 5 tantalizing clues that lead the player to just one correct answer. The opposing team or player draws a card and reads the 5 clues one at a time (starting at the fifth one), giving the guesser just 10 seconds to answer before reading the next fact. Clues progress in order of difficulty, where each factoid is easier to decipher than the previous one read. Sure to challenge your pint-sized competitor, this fast-paced game puts the pressure on the guesser since the number of points received for a correct answer decreases as he or she progresses through the clues. The player or team with the most points wins.

 12/20/2012 (MSRP: $12.99; Age: 7 to 12)


HDXRF® Analyzers by XOS® by X-RAY OPTICAL SYSTEMS INC.HDXRF analyzers are the only instruments compliant with ASTM F2853-10, the CPSIA-approved method. HDXRF provides fast, accurate detection of lead and several other potentially toxic elements at levels well-below mandates.  As a result, HDXRF is also well-suited for ASTM F963, EN 71, Prop 65, and RoHS testing. HDXRF analyzers are designed with a 1-mm analysis area for small and irregular shapes, and the technology allows for separate and simultaneous analysis of coating and substrate. Available in portable (shown here) and bench top units, HDXRF analyzers provide the accuracy of “wet chemistry” analysis anywhere along the supply chain, without destroying samples and without long, costly turnaround times. 

HDXRF technology is used by CPSC and CPSC-certified testing labs. Don’t be the weak link in the supply chain. Use what the experts use for true CPSIA compliance, and peace of mind.


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