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Well aware of the lack of geographic knowledge among our fellow Americans, we have decided to make an effort to correct the problem. To do so, we have made it our mission to spread geographic awareness and knowledge throughout this great land.

The Global Puzzle:
Can you find Iraq on an unlabeled map of the world? A study by National Geographic shows that 87% of Americans cannot. It's awful, I know, but don't worry. After you and your family complete The Global Puzzle, you will be able to find Iraq and a whole lot more. The Global Puzzle is unique because it is the only puzzle of the world that actually has pieces shaped like the countries of the world. You can't complete it without figuring out where every country is located. No other puzzle comes with such a superb geography lesson!

The Global "Animal" Puzzle™:
Since the pieces of The Global "Animal" Puzzle are shaped like the countries of the world, it has all the educational benefits of The Global Puzzle and the added bonus of 100 exotic animals located in their indigenous regions all across the globe!

World Wise™ Geography Card Games:
Put the world in your hands.... Each game has approximately 100 cards in the deck. No matter how much or how little you know about geography, wild cards and super wild cards level the playing field so everyone has an equal chance of winning. Learn the geography of the world by simply playing a game!

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