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Alight Technologies, LLC

Alight Technologies is proud to introduce the WavyWand™. The WavyWand™ is a unique and innovative, hand-held persistence of vision product. This fun and interactive toy draws text messages, pictures, and even animations in mid-air. The WavyWand™ is suited to a myriad of activities such as sporting events, concerts, festivals and much more.

Simply wave a WavyWand™ and watch the WaveArt appear brightly in mid air. The WavyWand™ is sold with several fun pre-programmed images, messages, and animations. Send text messages to your friends instantly with the easy to use interface. Create your own custom WaveArt with the free software and save them to the WavyWand™ (optional USB programming cable necessary).

The WavyWand™ has a built in LED flashlight and includes 3-AAA batteries. Available with standard LED display colors in red, orange, yellow, and green. Customization options are also available upon request.

"This is absolutely the best hand-held persistence of vision item that we have seen"

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