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The brainchild of Amy Weintraub and Brooks McEwen, Baby Songs was a runaway bestseller in its first release, with more than 2 million sold.  Each Baby Songs video features a unique mixture of fun, upbeat original sing-along songs, brightly colored animation, and live-action scenes from the everyday lives of children.  The videos are designed to address children’s needs and emotional concerns, and provide an environment for learning through simple, fun songs.  Educators, childcare providers, and parents alike recognize Baby Songs as an age-appropriate, quality entertainment for young kids.  According to Rae Lynne Rein, Ph.D., UCLA, “From an educational and psychological standpoint, the earlier kids are exposed to music, the better.”

As a learning tool, Baby Songs videos are appropriate for early ages, as young as six months old, and can give parents a much-needed respite from their hectic lives.  Parents can feel confident that these videos will enhance a child’s learning while they have fun.  Parents’ Choice called Baby Songs “a tried and true kid-vid classic,” and all of the videos have received its prestigious Gold Award that is only given to 6 videos per category on an annual basis.  The videos have also garnered wide, critical acclaim from TV Guide (Best Kid’s Videos), The Wall Street Journal, Parents Magazine and People, among many others.

Featuring the music from singer/songwriter Hap Palmer, who is best known for integrating the concept of music and movement in early childhood education, Baby Songs inspires kids through fun visuals and creative songs.  Palmer has received many awards including several Parents’ Choice Gold Awards, National Parenting Publications Awards and The American Library Association’s “The Best of the Best for Children.”  His songs enhance the development of motor skills, language acquisition, reading readiness, and math concepts as well as nurture the imaginative process and encourage creative problem solving.  His widespread popularity in schools and day-care centers for over thirty years has made him a living legend with the teaching community.

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Baby Songs Silly Songs (Video)
Ages 2-6
Baby Songs Silly Songs features seven all-new tunes and three Baby Songs classics by children's music legend, Hap Palmer. The video integrates music and movement for preschoolers while celebrating a child's natural enjoyment
of silly situations and wordplay.

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