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Ashley Reed Trading Inc.

The SUDOKU BOARD is a wooden game board much like a Scrabble™ board but obviously for use in solving Sudoku puzzles! It is the best way to play Sudoku with out all the fuss and mess with pencils and erasers. The SUDOKU BOARD also allows you to play the game with more than one person. Plus the SUDOKU BOARD looks great on your coffee table and is a fantastic gift!

The SUDOKU BOARD is divided into 81 squares and sub-divided into 9 grids each containing 9 squares.

What you need to do is fill the empty squares with the numbered tiles so each row, each column and each 3x3 grid contains the numbers 1 – 9. No two numbers can repeat themselves in any row, column or grid. All of the squares must be filled.

To start duplicate a puzzle onto your SUDOKU BOARD using the black side of the tiles. You can use the puzzle book that comes with your SUDOKU BOARD or any other 9 x 9 puzzle.

With the remaining double-sided colored tiles continue filling the squares by:

  • Using the black side for your definite answers
  • Using the red side for your possible answers and when you are sure turn them over to the black side
  • Use the red side of the mini “thinking tiles” to help if you have several choices in one square.
  • When you are sure you can remove the thinking tiles and replace them with a correctly numbered black tile or simply turn over the mini tile to the black side.

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