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The B_Me Company provides infants and toddlers early exposure to different language, culture, and music using multi-media and multi-culture products. A diverse early exposure stimulates both brain hemispheres and promotes cognitive and language development.

For years, professionals have been using either music or body movements as stimulations to speech and cognitive development. The B_Me Company is the first to combine body movement, music, and verbal language together into a new learning model: the B_Me Learning Model. It consists of three parts: 1st Body language – the language of social success; 2nd Music language – the language of influence; 3rd Expressive language – the language of knowledge. The B_Me Learning creates the optimal synergy to stimulate cognitive and language development.

Proficiency in language and good taste for different cultures begin in early childhood. The critical period for foreign language is from the womb to approximately 6 years of age. There is limited exposure to the Chinese language because of shortage of teachers and foreign language is often not an option until junior high school. The B_Me Company's new DVD Baby China is intended to fill this gap by providing early exposure to Chinese language and culture during the optimal developmental window. Any exposure to the language will help lay the neural path way to learn Chinese proficiently later.

Marie, mother of 3 year old Cole, told us, "My son doesn't watch a lot of TV. He gets bored and walks away in a few minutes. But he sat quietly watched the entire Baby China. Truly mesmerized. He was saying panda, cat, and dog in Chinese afterwards. This says a lot about this video. It's like Baby Einstein in the sense that it's child-centered, fun, and without a teaching agenda. But it differs by focusing exposing kids to foreign language and culture instead of music."

Many children's video tapes are either too eager to teach, which bores and intimidates the child, or too busy to entertain, which acts like a passive baby sitter. Baby China gives parents a "guilt-free" break and offers children a stimulating experience. Children are mesmerized by Baby China because:

  • It creates little "toy stories" using popular and iconic toys as the "actors"
  • Children and parents love the beautiful live visuals of people and places filmed in different cities
  • They find the Chinese Revolutionary Ballet "The White Haired Girl" a refreshing and soothing background music
  • Baby China provides a synergetic brain stimulation using body language (part I starts with 8 sign language), music language (part II offers 3 songs, 2 rhymes, 1 Tang poem), and expressive language (part III has 17 new words)
  • Unlike many existing Chinese language videos, Baby China is designed to provide an early Chinese language and culture exposure to infants and toddlers in non-Chinese families

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