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Rebecca Frezza and her seven-piece band, Big Truck, seen on the Noggin Channel and PBS KIDS, and in live performances across the Unisted States, focus on creating music for a largely forgotten audience - kids who are too old for pre-school tunes, but who aren't yet ready for mainstream adult "pop" music. "Once kids start elementary school, they don't have easy access to age-appropriate music. They're not listening to Raffi any more, but they don't have music that's 'just for them.' So I've tried to write music that speaks to the everyday lives of these kids, but is smart, funny and appealing to parents, too. It's important for me to stay true to who I am and not try to mold myself to fit the trend-of-the-moment. I am a dedicated mom, a teacher, a dancer, a singer and a songwriter attempting to create moments of musical connection between parent and child and sibling to sibling. I'm writing music to pop in the car on a road trip or play on a Saturday morning when the kids are hanging out. Music that won't make the older kids and adults want to run screaming in the other direction, but will give the younger ones something to latch onto and, I hope, love.", says Rebecca. Her CDs include: 'Special Kind of Day', 'Music In My Heart,' 'Road Trip,' and 'Tall and Small,' winners of Parents' Choice, NAPPA, Children's Music Web, iParenting Media, Parents' Guide to Children's Media, and Dr. Toy awards.

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