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Bluestorm Productions, Inc.

SLOOH provides an unparalleled opportunity to explore space live by mountaintop telescopes situated throughout the world. Using SLOOH's patented instant-imaging technology and user-friendly interface, customers of all ages and skill levels can take control of powerful telescopes from their Mac or PC computer and Internet browser. Real-time space exploration is just a click away!

Choose from several Slooh products, including mission cards and activity books. Participate in group missions or control the telescopes yourself as you venture through space. With Slooh, there is a mission for everyone!

  • Control high-power telescopes
  • Explore space day and night
  • Take, store, and share photos
  • Easy to use
  • Expert storytellers and audio segments

2006 Parents' Choice Gold Award

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Bluestorm Productions, Inc. primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:

Science & Nature

PO Box 4215 Redondo Beach CA 90277
Tel: 866-711-1313 x801
Toll Free: 877-684-7056

E-mail wholesale inquiries to:




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