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Cogno Products

Cogno products inspire children to think critically and imaginatively as they learn about space and science. 13 national awards so far, and featured by PBS affiliate KETC! For ages 7 and up, Cogno games and books are designed are made to be as much fun as Star Wars® but as educational as Magic Schoolbus®!

Board Games
Race into space. Visit graphically stunning, mysterious environments. Win fuel by answering simply worded yet thought-provoking questions about space and science—beyond trivia! The “Book of Y” (included) explains all 260 answers in each game. Choose the classic “Alien Adventure Game,” (set in space) or the challenge version, “Deep Worlds,” (set in an ocean on another planet)…with slightly more difficult questions.

Our board games won Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Games, Top 100 Children’s Products, as well as recommendations by The Parenting Center, NAPPA, and others. Kids love the double game boards, cool characters, strategy and thought-provoking questions. Parents like the fact that Cogno encourages critical thinking and learning as they play! See sample game questions and more info at our web site below.

Book Series
Cogno and the other board game characters come alive in our young adult book series, Cogno: The Legends! Fact and fiction meet as Cogno’s detective dream team solves mysteries. See our web site for more information.

Call your Cogno rep or contact us directly. Minimum order: Case of six. Ship to continental U.S.

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Toll Free: 866-442-6466 (HI-COGNO)

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