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Toobeez is a one-of-kind, unique, construction system that gives you the chance to "connect" with your children, students, or peers. Whether your are building a playhouse for a rainy day hideaway, creating an obstacle course at the park, or conducting a team building exercise, Toobeez engages everybody in constructive play. With tremendous appeal to children above the age of 4, and the adults in their lives, from parents to educators, Toobeez is a hands-on, easy-to-assemble, safe product that captivates the imagination of a child and allows them to create unique structures. Toobeez are an obvious next step up from small piece construction toys. Just... Connect, Twist, & Create!

What Are Toobeez?

  1. Numerous baseball-sized spheres that can connect up to 10 colorful tubes at one time at many different angles.
  2. A series of brightly colored tubes in a variety of lengths. Each kit contains 32 UV Resistant Tubes, in the following sizes and colors, along with 20 bright yellow spheres.
  3. One large, durable Toobeez Storage Bag with an "end to end" zipper. Just pack up and go!

What Can You Build?
Whether at home, at the park, or in the pool, Toobeez lets children explore their tactile, spatial, and organization skills while having fun! With Toobeez, the options are boundless, just like everyone's imagination.

Forts, Hideaways, Soccer & Hockey Goals, Hurdles, Puppet Theatres, Castles, Limbo Bars, Giant Bugs, Mazes, Stick Men Friends, Obstacle Courses, Tents, and much more. Visit the Toobeez Photo Gallery to see hundreds of different creations by consumers.

Why Should I Sell Toobeez in My Store, Website, or Catalog?

  • Innovative, Different, and Colorful
  • Generates Curiosity, and Captivates Imaginations
  • Many Things Can Be Built With Only One Box / Use The Laminated Placard On Demo Unit (see Castle Photo)
  • Toobeez Endless Loop Video in Background on the TV
  • 40-55% Profit Margin Potential
  • Free Product Program and Demo Units (limited time offer)
  • Drop Ship Program
  • Toobeez are not just a toy. They are:
    • An Educational Tool for School's, Daycare Center's, and Festival's
    • A Team Building Tool for Event Management Companies, Trainer's, and Corporations
    • An Occupational Therapy Tool for the medical Community

We encourage you to reach out to your community and help build the Toobeez brand. It's Hot!

Toobeez® and are owned by Connectable Color Tubes, LLC of Wayne, PA 19087

Disclaimer: Toobeez® were not designed or manufactured as a climb on structure toy or as a water flotation safety device.

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