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Since beginning nearly seven years ago CoopSport has been on a wild ride of expansion, innovation, fashion, and change. And it has been successful.

In addition, we have added elements of trend to core items used in today's active lifestyle. We have rewritten the rules for these products with high quality materials and stylish eye-catching designs that get noticed and sell.

This years ride continues with two new lines, CoopSurf and CoopSnow. Inflatable body boards and snow tubes are the anchors behind these lines with several other items being introduced in Spring 2006. They feature touch neoprene/Nylon exterior shells and rigid PVC bladder interiors. Once again, cool graphics and high end materials have combined for the ultimate ride in style.

As always, you will find plenty of graphic updates and new product releases to our existing line in our new catalog. We are very excited with the changes we have made and the new developments we are showing here. Being active never looked so good!

COOPSPORT INTERNATIONAL LTD primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:

Sporting Goods/Accessories

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1335 Park Center Drive, Suite B Vista CA 92081
Tel: (760) 727-8697
Fax: (760) 727-8697
Toll Free: 888-456-1070

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