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Attention Retailers!

Be among the first to carry what is sure to be the hottest toy of 2010!!! This innovative new toy revolutionizes the age old tradition of making friendship bracelets. With the Friendship Bracelet Maker, tweens can easily create fabulous friendship bracelets to wear and share!

I am a mother of two girls…last summer I enjoyed reminiscing on my childhood while making friendship bracelets with my kids. While so much has changed between then and now the very simple thread bracelet known as "friendship bracelets" is a tradition that is as popular as ever. The girls and I would make the bracelets but there were a few things that were frustrating….finding a way to hold the knot, keeping the strings in order while knotting and of course the bag of messy threads. In the fall my father, a retired executive, made friendship bracelets for the first time while babysitting the girls. With his engineering skills, he thought…there must be a better way. This was the beginning of many engineered drawings, prototypes, focus groups, etc… that lead to the perfected product that will be hitting store shelves as soon as forth quarter 2009.

How it Works

The Old Way
  • Pick out your colors from messy bag of threads and cut to 50"
  • Fold in half and tie a knot and find a way to secure it…Wikipedia suggests to "Pin it to your clothing, tape it to furniture, or attach to a nail in the wall.
  • Separate your strings and begin knotting…keeping strings in order is a must for a perfect bracelet…so difficult to do with multiple strings.
The New Way!
  • Pick your pre-cut thread from the enclosed organized case
  • Fold in half and tie a knot secure to the Butterfly clip
  • Separate your threads in the string holder, and begin knotting…strings will stay in order…no more guessing!

Opportunity for Retailers…why should you carry the Friendship Bracelet Maker in your Store?
It is good for business. This is a product that will be easily manageable and extremely profitable. With our existing product line, we are already EDI order processing ready. While this is our first venture into the Craft/Toy industry we have other products (tools) that are available nationwide at the big box retailers. So…rest assured that you are dealing with an established company with a reputation of excellence.
It's just plain Good! It's good for families…finally a toy focused on Friendship, Quality Play Time, and Fine Motor Skills for girls. In today's tough economic times this product will restore faith in the American dream…where a mid west family took an idea from the family room to nationwide retailers. This is the right toy, at the right price (below $20) and the right time!

Please give us a call or email us and we will further demonstrate the product and its numerous features and benefits. Thank you for your time and consideration!

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