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D and ME Wood Toys, LLP

Welcome to our "Made in Montana, USA" handcrafted wooden toys made for toddlers and children of all ages. We are celebrating our 31st year of producing quality wood toys.

Because of the recent China toy recalls, we want to assure you that all of our toys are made by Don in Stevensville MT. We use mixed hardwoods and some softwoods from sustainable USA forests with a non-toxic natural oiled finish. The oiled finish we use is also on the approved "safe substances" list. The colored pieces are an approved water base, child safe toy enamel applied by a factory in the United States. Each piece is hand sanded, finished, and detailed. The toys are sturdy, allowing for many hours of creative playtime. We regularly sell to day care centers, pre-schools, medical offices, and, of course, both real and on-line stores and galleries.

We feature a Drop Ship Program which is available for our customers with an on-line store. This has been working very efficiently for quick delivery of the toys.

We also offer our toy products with a "natural" un-oiled finish. If ordering "natural", the wood toys with colored parts would still have the colors on them.

In the Small Wood Truck category are an ABC Block Truck, a Mini Car Carrier, and a Helicopter.

Our "Mini Basket Assortment" includes 2 dozen mini cars (6 varieties) and a small basket to hold them a perfect point of sale item.

Featured in the Large Wood Truck category are a Bulldozer unit, a Large Car Carrier, a Dump Truck, a Tow Truck, a Crane Truck, a Fire Engine, and a farm Tractor and Wagon.

Our "D and ME Logging Company" includes both a one piece lumber and log truck, a small log truck, and a two piece logger and a two piece lumber truck.

In the Trains category, we have a 6' long Jumbo Train with 7 cars and a smaller Four Piece Train.

For toddlers, there are two pull toys (Jonesey Jones and the Flip Flop) and our most popular item, the Klickity Klacker. We also have a wood Tool Box with an assortment of wood tools, and an aromatic cedar Tic Tac Toe Game which is played with marbles.

Our "Doll Furniture" category includes a Shaker-style Doll Bed and a Swinging Doll Cradle, both of which will fit an 18" doll, such as the American Girl Doll and Itty Bitty Baby Doll or a stuffed animal.

As part of our marketing research, we attend retail shows, as well as trade shows. In May of 2008 we will be in booth 1228 at the ACRE (American Craft Retailers Expo) show in Las Vegas. The retail shows allow us to get customer feedback on our products. Many times we hear how sturdy these toys are, and some of the younger customers are now buying because they remember them from their childhood. We also have found out that some of the items are being purchased as gifts for adults whose occupation matches the item (for example, the Fire Engine for a fireman). The toys have also been used as corporative gifts to employees. An excavation company used our Dump Truck and a lumber company used our Large Logger, filled with a supply of their company pencils.

D and ME Wood Toys, LLP primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:

Wheeled Toys
Wooden Toys

119 Heritage Drive #D-2 STEVENSVILLE MT 59870
Tel: 406-777-0974
Fax: 360-246-5885

E-mail wholesale inquiries to:
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