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Dynamic Frames manufactures a unique line of patented frames for storing and displaying photographs and children's artwork. The slim frames open from the front, display the top-most photo or masterpiece, and store others behind them. They are available in a variety of finish and mat choices, and come with everything you need to mount on a table or wall.

L'il DaVinci® for Kids Art
How encouraged would Li’l DaVincis feel if instead of the refrigerator door, their art was placed in real frames and hung on your home’s walls? Dynamic Frames® combined a slim, elegant art frame with a cabinet so that parents can actually store multiple pieces of art together. When they want to change the showpiece, they simply open the frame like a cabinet, and switch the display piece. Each one of these frames will hold up to 50 different works of art. The 8.5" x 11" frame (MSRP:$24.95) comes in black with white mat or white with a black mat. A 12" x 18" size (MSRP:$32.95) is also available.

Magnetic Whiteboard
Does your little artist create odd-shaped masterpieces or collections that are difficult to display? Does your teenager need a versatile magnetic white-board bulletin-board for homework assignments, photos, and messages? With our double-sided magnetic board, you can instantly turn your Li'l Davinci® 8.5"x11" frame into a magnetic shadowbox, or hang in groupings to create a checker-board magnetic white-board space on a wall! The double-sided, thin board is magnetic on both sides, so you can choose either the black or white side to compliment their color scheme. Each magnetic board comes complete with starter magnets, hanging tape, and a whiteboard marker/eraser. The possibilities are endless! MSRP: $7.95 for 8.5"x11" size; 12"x18" size (MSRP: $8.95) is also available

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