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EthiDolls ™ is a developer of collectible quality, educational African signature dolls and accessories based in New York City. The two Ethiopian women co-founders created the EthiDolls concept to introduce young girls and collectors to new role models and icons based on African women leaders from antiquity. EthiDolls' aim is to help children and adults embrace African heritage, culture and tradition as well as offer a new vision of the African experience. Through our dolls and accessories, we want young girls to learn about courage, dignity and honor. Our goal is to plant the seeds of empowerment, leadership and social consciousness, through play, in today's African-American girls and their multicultural playmates.

Makeda ®, The Queen of Sheba Doll represents the first female ruler of Ethiopia and is the first in EthiDolls' series of African signature dolls and accessories. Handcrafted for EthiDolls by Madame Alexander ®, she wears an authentic costume made of rich cotton with a vibrant silk border known as Dereb, one of the oldest fabric designs from Ethiopian antiquity. The fabric is hand-woven by artisans in Ethiopia in support of fair trade principles. The Queen's classic neck tattoo pattern and gold jewelry are traditional adornments of Ethiopian women still worn today. She is 16" tall, fully pose-able and has comb-able hair. Queen Makeda comes with her own beautifully illustrated storybook and compelling CD narration, with traditional instrumental Ethiopian music in the background played on an ancient string instrument known as a Krar. The story spans Queen Makeda's rise to the throne, her legendary journey to visit King Solomon in Jerusalem and marks the beginning of a dynasty that lasted 3000 years ending in 1974.

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