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Fliptomania Inc.

Fliptomania is the worldıs leading designer and manufacturer of flipbooks. Now with its new line of Flipbook Kits, Fliptomania brings its tradition of quality and creativity to the Toy and Craft markets.

Fliptomania's FLIPBOOK KITS

Flipbooks hold a unique fascination for everyone, but kids are really amazed when they make their own. And besides being fun, flipbooks teach and demonstrate the basic building blocks of movies.

Each kit includes perforated sheets with pre-drawn frames for 2 dynamic flipbooks, as well as sheets with blank frames for drawing 2 flipbooks of their own, 4 books in all. The Animals Kit includes flipbooks of A CATERPILLAR BECOMING A BUTTERFLY, and A TADPOLE BECOMING A FROG. The Rocket & Robot Kit includes flipbooks of A ROCKET SHIP BLASTING THROUGH SPACE and A ROBOT THAT POPS UP AND RIDES A SKATEBOARD! The Art Kit includes flipbooks of MONA LISA WARPING AND SMILING and A DEGAS DANCER COMING TO LIFE!

In addition to the books, each kit includes 6 colored markers, 4 colorful plastic clips, instruction sheet, and a flipbook ideas sheet. No glue or scissors required.

Fliptomania FLIPBOOKS

With 40 different titles in such themes as Art, Animals & Nature, Classic Movie Moments, Travel & Landmarks, and Greeting Cards, Fliptomania flipbooks are loved worldwide. At a wholesale cost of $2.00, they are the ideal impulse item for any shop. Theyıre sold in toy stores, gift stores, book stores and hobby shops around the globe. Two great features: 1) All flipbooks are individually shrink-wrapped for protection (we offer unwrapped display samples for $1.00 each); 2) We offer attractive, compact clear plastic point-of-purchase displays (cost is off-set with free books).

Click on the links below to see movies of a few representative Fliptomania flipbooks (note: prices shown in linked pages are retail)

Degas Dancer:
Sock Monkey:
Caterpillar to Butterfly:
T-Rex Lives!:

Minimum wholesale order: $100

Mention Toy Directory when you contact us, and we'll provide free shipping on your initial order!

Fliptomania Inc. primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:

Arts & Crafts

2398 Fourth St. Berkeley CA 94710
Tel: (888) 396-5849
Fax: (510) 526-0308

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