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NEW Patented FRUBI® SHADES with the ULTRAGUARD® lens comfortably fits kids' 6 months to 6 years old and offer serious (maximum) protection for the eyes of the children you love! Designed by a leading Arizona Ophthalmologist, this patent-pending child eyewear is molded into one soft piece for comfort and safety.

The human eye is 10 times more sensitive to harmful UV rays than your skin. Yet how many of us consider sunglasses for our kids a necessity, like using sunscreen? Not Many! As we age, our natural lens becomes more protective. Until then, children's eyes need all the protection they can get! Frubi's makers are so dedicated to the prevention of serious eye diseases caused by the sun that to date, Frubi has given away more than 7,000 pairs of Frubi shades to support its Protect Their Eyes Campaign.

16 additional styles NOW AVAILABLE!

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