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Goodreau Doll LLC

Goodreau Doll LLC is an innovative company specializing in the design of toys that are funny and fun to play with. It is a new company built on a lifetime of play shared between sisters. They look alike, talk alike, laugh alike, and enjoy the same philosophy that laughter rules; yet they are completely opposite in some respects. Paulette is an artist, a visionary, a delightfully engaging conversationalist, and the source of all of the major design ideas for the company. Annette is a mathematician, takes care of the numbers and can be credited with feeding an occasional wild creative idea to her sister. The combination has produced a budding line of very diverse products. Goodreau Doll LLC's designs are manufactured and distributed by Tide Rider, Inc.

Snappy™ is a brightly colored doll, that kids put together themselves. Snappy™ legs, arms, head and wig are all removable. All Snappy™ dolls interact together, so the more colors kids collect, the more combinations they can create. Snappy™ comes in 6 colors, 13 different wigs, and a contemporary wardrobe. In addition there will be specialty outfits and holiday doll colors and wigs. Snappy™ lets doll lovers show all the colors in their hearts and will keep them happy at play for hours. Snappy™ debuted as a prototype at Toy Fair 2006 and will be ready for retail in May 2006. Bulk or retail packaging. MSRP $20-$25 per doll with wig, basic outfit and shoes.

NONO™ dolls are offbeat dolls with a cool humorous twist. They are a simple cloth doll, with a crazy face. There isn't a nose, but who are they going to smell? Wouldn't it make you feel better about yourself holding a little doll who you know has had a rougher life than you've had? When you have a gathering, aren't you tired of your dolls upstaging you with their beauty and grace? Feel good about yourself, get a NONO™ and never feel ugly again. Buy two and really feel good, buy them all and skip through life. Initial set of 8 sold as a set. MSRP $14.99 per doll.

Goodreau Doll LLC primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:

Dolls & Stuffed Toys

987 Wakefield Dr. Oakdale CA 95361
Tel: 209-848-4420
Fax: 209-848-4423

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