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Whimsical Wall Art
Instantly transform any room in your house with the whimsical wall art of Greenie2Steps. The dramatically oversized art is eco-friendly, safe and non-toxic. It can be cleaned, removed and re-applied effortlessly without leaving residue on your walls. With Greenie2Steps and her friends, children of all ages will discover delight and learn about the importance of caring for the earth.

We believe that the best education comes from play, and therefore our characters were carefully crafted so that they act as engaging learning resources for children of all ages.

Wall Art designs include:

Greenie: an eco-friendly elephant from TelleyGreen who teaches children of all ages about how to make our planet a better place to live as she travels the world to discover new places, learn new lessons and meet new friends. She loves to dance. Like all elephants, soft pads on her feet allow her to walk, run and dance without making any noise.

Garrett, Greenie's Brother: When he was a very young elephant, he tied his trunk into knots for fun. As he got older, he started tying other things into knots and quickly became TelleyGreen’s most famous inventor. His best invention yet is Greenie’s pineapple plane, but, like Greenie, he keeps using his talents to make our planet a better place to live.

Geraldine the Giraffe: an eco-friendly artist who loves to paint and draw TelleyGreen. She showed Greenie how to notice the beauty of the earth and the magic of the sky as the colors changed from day to day. Because she is the tallest of all land mammals and has a very long neck, Geraldine is always looking at the world in new and different ways.

Lenny the Lion: Out of all TelleyGreen’s animals, Lenny has the loudest roar but he always thinks before he speaks in order to express what he is thinking and feeling in the best way. Lenny is a librarian who keeps records of all the events in TelleyGreen so that one day, the island stories can be shared with the world to make our planet a better place to live.

Taj the Tiger: Like Greenie, Taj loves learning. Growing up, he talked to the older animals to learn everything he could about how to make our planet a better place to live. He learned so much from them that he deveoped a reputation as the smartest animal on TelleyGreen. He even gets invited to different colleges and universities around the world to talk about different topics.

Product Features
The whimsical wall art that is both educational and eco-friendly was carefully designed and produced by Greenie2Steps to be versatile, safe and non-toxic, removable and reusable.

The Greenie2Steps whimsical wall art can be applied to virtually any clean and smooth surface including walls, ceilings, windows and more! When backlit, the art becomes semi-transparent, so solid colored surfaces are optimal but not required for application. If it ever gets dirty, the art can be easily cleaned with water.

Safe & Non-Toxic
We print on fabric with eco-friendly, water-based Eco-Sol™ inks then protect the wall art with safe, water-based laminates and coatings. The adhesive that allows you to remove and re-apply the wall art hundreds of times is also water-based.

You can remove your Greenie2Steps wall art without marring the application surface, leaving any adhesive residue or damaging a paint job. Removing and re-sticking the art is a fun and simple process.

You can move the Greenie2Steps wall art from room to room and place to place without leaving any residue on your walls. The art will not lose its adhesive ability over hundreds of applications.

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