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We manufacture fun and funky toys and gifts, geared to older kids and adults. Everything we do is unique and proprietary like some of the items shown here. Want to see more of what we do? Go to or call us for a wholesale catalog (503.231.6465).

Zoo Pops
Animal Shape Frozen Treat Molds

They’re fun and frosty treats that are easy to make. Just fill the three dimensional molds with your favorite fruit juice or liquid. Insert the penguin handles and freeze. Then unhinge the molds and release the Zoo Pops. Easy to clean and we’ve also included eight tasty recipes!

Rubber Band Shooter
The future of rubber band blasting is now!

Rubber Band Shooter is a blast! Simply loop one end of the rubber band around the barrel site and pinch the opposite end into the gripper. Then simply squeeze the spring-loaded handle to release the rubber band! Plus it doubles as a fully functional ball point pen. Outstanding!

Double Barrel Power Popper
Two Times Faster…Two Times The Fun!
Get ready for two times the rapid fire action! Double Barrel Power Popper shoots soft foam balls up to 20 feet. The quicker you pump, the faster and further you shoot! And now with two barrels, you’ve got twice as many balls flying for unlimited indoor and outdoor fun.

HOG WILD primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:

General Toys

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