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HouseHaunters, LLC designs, manufactures and wholesales Halloween decoration novelties — for both the inside and the outside of your house. All made in the USA.

We offer two product lines:

1. Window Poster Silhouettes for windows

Dress up your home's windows with eerie window poster silhouettes for Halloween! These ghastly black images are printed on soft green vinyl. Fun and easy to use! 1. Hang them on the inside of home window frames 2. Turn on all the interior room lights 3. Wait until dark and...view from the outside. The outside of your home will come alive with excitement.

Creepy but elegance. Understated yet dramatic. The horrible and humorous silhouettes swim in glowing color that will make the Wicked Witch of the West green with envy (we couldn't resist). They will dress up the front windows of any home, storefront, haunted house... In-store visual mearchandisers love 'em...home owners will too.

They measure 35" x 60" and cover most standard household windows. Attachable using common household tape. Made of durable plastic for eco-friendly re-use.

Designs available in August 2008:

  • Smiling witch
  • Psycho knife lady
  • Wolverine
  • Screaming damsel with villain.
  • Scowling Raptor
  • Raptor w/ snake
  • Pair of Raptor claws (two poster set)
  • Portly Pineapplehead
2."Creature Cutouts"— restickable wall clings for hallways and staircases.

These restickable vinyl images will add sheer horror to anyone walking into a home. Simple to use: 1. Cut out the creature, 2. peel away the paper backing, and 3. apply to the stair, walls, and hallways. Each Bag contains 16-19 images of restickable creatures. They are removable. They will also remove any composure of the people seeing them for the first time. These are instant party starters and heart-stoppers. They come in groups:

  • Bag of Rats (contains 19 rat images)
  • Bag of Bats (contains 16 bat images)
  • Bag of Spiders (contains 16 spider images)

Stick rats on staircases. Stick bats fluttering along the walls and ceiling of front hallways. Have spiders invade down stairways, across hallways, around mantels or any place you want to creep somebody out!

Creep on with HouseHaunters!

We ship in minimums of 6 items each to the US and Canada.

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HOUSEHAUNTERS primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:

Halloween Merchandise
Costumes & Accessories

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Tel: 917-687-7437

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