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International Baby Co. LLC

International BABY Company LLC was founded by Asako Yoshino and Alma Cortina, two mothers who came together to create a series of bilingual DVDs in an effort to raise their children to be multilingual. International BABY's goal is to help give you, the parent, the ability to teach your child more than one language.

Research has shown that if a child does not learn a foreign language in his or her formative years, that child will never be able to speak a foreign language without an accent. In this ever shrinking world, it is important for our children to learn a foreign language so that they will be prepared for the challenges that awaits them.

Together, let's start your baby's future today.

Our products include:

  • International BABY 101 English & Japanese Plus (Winner of NAPPA Gold Award 2004)
  • International BABY Let's sing together! (English & Spanish)
  • Toddler Puzzle

International Baby Co. LLC primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:


40180 Bronco Circle Temecula CA 92592
Tel: 951-767-2130
Toll Free: 866.603.4091

E-mail wholesale inquiries to:
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