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Kendama, Inc.

We import and distribute kendamas, a Japanese wooden ball-and-cup juggling and balance skill toy. Kendamas are starting to explode in popularity: You can search for "kendama" in YouTube to get a glimpse of this growing trend.

Kendamas are a traditional Japanese toy, but it was the creation and certification of the patented sports competition kendama design by Japanese nonprofit organization the Japan Kendama Association in Tokyo that spurred the current boom.

We distribute the products of both manufacturers who are currently certified by the JKA to make these competition kendamas.

Parents and kids alike love this wholesome toy: Many of our retail orders are from moms and grandparents ordering for teens without credit cards.

Minimum Order Amount: 24 units per model (colors can be mixed).

We can supply kendamas in the genuine original Japanese packaging, or for larger orders we can have the manufacturer affix English labeling and UPC codes, and substitute an English language instruction brochure for the original Japanese brochure.

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Wooden Toys

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