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The goal at Kubit2me, Inc. is to develop fun, stimulating games for people of all ages. Kubit2me games allow families and friends to develop strong bonds, build trust, nurture compassion and empathy, and ultimately strengthen positive self-image. The vision for the future of Kubit2me is to continue to create games that enrich lives by offering an opportunity for players to express themselves and listen to others.

Product line features Kubit2me … The Ultimate "Toss It To Me" Game. Three versions of the Kubit2me game are available to suit all ages and demographics. These innovative and stimulating games provide a unique form of entertainment by encouraging social interaction with a physical twist and face-to-face communication. Kubit2me is unlike any game on the market. It doesn't use a board, spinners, pawns or dice. Kubit2me is a soft, colorful, plush cube that is tossed from player to player. Kubit2me's patent-pending hidden compartment holds all game cards and components for quick and easy storage. Players pull a card from Kubit2me's pockets and the game begins. Kubit2me can be played in small or large groups. An added bonus — free printable games for all ages, which can be used with any Kubit2me plush cube, are available at

Kubit2me Lil' Scholars edition (Ages 3-6): Preschoolers and kindergartners get a jump start on their basic skills like number and word recognition, while learning important social lessons like taking turns and respect for one another as they toss Kubit2me from player to player. Cards are drawn from Kubit2me’s pockets, and play begins. Comes with lots of fun & engaging game ideas and colorful reward stickers. Awarded 2008 Game of the Year from Creative Child Magazine. Ages 3+. MSRP $24.99.

  • Teaches social skills
  • Encourages self expression
  • Terrific teacher gift
  • Great for homeschoolers
  • Used by therapists in special needs programs, especially autism therapy

Kubit2me Truth or Dare edition (ages 8+): Hilarious, honest & revolutionary twist on a party favorite! Players toss Kubit2me from player to player for a new & funky spin on the hottest game around! Will it be truth OR dare? You decide! Created BY girls and FOR girls, Kubit2me Truth or Dare provides girls with a fun and exciting, silly and outrageous game that allows them to communicate openly and honestly, deal with peer pressure, and make responsible choices. Game scores by collecting glitter bracelets from Kubit2me’s hidden compartment – players WEAR their points! A 2008 Preferred Choice Award winner from Creative Child Magazine. Ages 8+. MSRP $24.99.

  • The perfect sleepover game!
  • Available in pink, purple, green or blue
  • Cards & scoring bracelets fit inside Kubit2me for easy storage

Kubit2me Now You're Talkin' edition (ages 10+): The fun, socially interactive game that gets kids and adults to open up like never before! This non-competitive game contains question cards that focus on beliefs, opinions, relationships, memories, and almost any topic that affects our everyday lives. As players take turns tossing Kubit2me to one another and drawing cards from Kubit2me’s pockets, parents reconnect with their kids, and kids connect with each other with a game that opens up lines of communication while breaking down walls and barriers. Friendship stickers are stored in Kubit2me’s hidden compartment to give and receive! A 2008 Preferred Choice Award winner from Creative Child Magazine. Ages 10+. MSRP $24.99

  • Great at family parties, reunions, camps
  • Awesome icebreaker game for scout troups
  • Terrific in the classroom
  • Perfect for social workers and speech therapists
Kubit2me games available now:
  • Kubit2me Lil' Scholars ABC's & 123's Edition – Includes plush Kubit2me, cards & reward stickers (ages3-6) – MSRP $24.99
  • Lil' Scholars "All About Me" Bonus Box (cards & stickers only; teaches body parts & emotions) – MSRP $8.99
  • Kubit2me Truth or Dare Edition – Includes plush Kubit2me, cards & scoring bracelets (ages 8+) – MSRP $24.99
  • Truth or Dare Bonus Box (additional cards & bracelets) – MSRP $8.99
  • Kubit2me Now You're Talkiin' Edition – Includes plush Kubit2me, cards & friendship stickers (ages 10+) – MSRP $24.99
  • Now You're Talkin' Bonus Box (additional cards & stickers) – MSRP $8.99

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