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Pumgo/Land Surf Inc.

Land Surf is the Atlanta-based sporting goods and toy company that owns the PUMGO intellectual properties. Land Surf Inc. is one of the most productive companies in the world in human powered vehicle research and development. Pumgo skateboard, Pumgo scooter, and there are more amazing new products to come.

Our major products are Pumgo Scooter (human-powered pedaled scooter) and Pumgo Skateboard (human-powered push-free skateboard). Please visit us at New York Toy Fair 09 (booth #: 1763-I)

Minimum order: 5 units (Pumgo Scooter wholesale price $169, retail price $299).

About Pumgo Scooter
The Pumgo Scooter is breakthrough invention in human-powered scooter history. Incorporating two pedals, which rotate much like a stair climber, the Pumgo Scooter offers an enjoyable ride with all the benefits of a healthy exercise. Whether you are looking for a fun, recreational, sporting toy, transportation, or a fitness instrument, The Pumgo Scooter provides it all. It's easy to use, lightweight and can be folded for carrying around. It's fun for adults and kids ages 8 and up, and provides all riders with a great cardiovascular workout, more efficient then running or bicycling. With less weight bearing, the Pumgo scooter is not hard on joints like running. The Pumgo Scooter's step up down motion provides a faster workout then the bicycle's circular rotation. With the Pumgo Scooter you can enjoy the ride and maintain a healthy exercise in the process. It is a new way to ride and fit for fun!

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Land Surf Inc. primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:

Sporting Goods/Accessories
Spring & Summer

1720 Cumberland Point Dr. SE, Ste 19, Marietta, GA 30067
Tel: 770-984-9025
Fax: 770-984-9592
Toll Free: 1-888-PUMGO-4U

E-mail wholesale inquiries to:
For additional information visit:




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