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Mad Cave Bird Games LLC

Mad Cave Bird Games, LLC is a family and a family company making only high quality wood board games of skill and logic. Every letter in our name represents the name of a family member, including pets, that helped get our first product, COLORKU , up and running. We all drilled holes in boards, sanded, painted little wood balls by hand, and solved hundred of puzzles to get COLORKU just right!

We are a Michigan based company. We use only high quality wood and the best manufacturers and suppliers available. Personal service, Integrity, and Customer Satisfaction rule. COLORKU is a great family game, that can last forever!

We make COLORKU !!! It is Sudoku, In Color! COLORKU is a high quality wood board divided into nine rows, nice columns and nine 3 x 3 squares. COLORKU has 81 wood marbles in 9 vibrant colors. There are 104 puzzles cards that range in difficulty from easy to extreme. The board and marbles are covered with a clear high impact bubble plastic tray that holds the balls on the board when storing, and flips over to serve as a ball holder while playing COLORKU . We also include a color conversion card that lets you solve any SUDOKU puzzle from any book, magazine or newspaper, by using COLORKU !! A solutions booklet is also included, but every puzzle has but one solution. That solution is achieved when after following the instructions, the player ends having one and only one of every color ball in each of the nine rows, columns, and 3 x 3 squares.

We sell and ship almost anywhere, small orders and large; please call us for details or any questions, ideas, or suggestion; we try to work with every one large and small. The minimum order is 6 games. Mention that you found us through toy Directory and we will give you a free game with any 17 you order. We ship 18 , you pay for 17!

Contact us at Mad Cave Bird Games, LLC. Our telephone is 616.452.6861; or contact Cris directly at 616.635.8769! We have a toll free fax, 866.916.3300 . Feel free to E Mail us as well at !

Mad Cave Bird Games LLC primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:

Family Games

2003 Argentina Drive SE Grand Rapids MI 49506
Tel: 616-635-8769
Fax: 616-452-6861

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