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Baby Barbells™, the Exercise Rattle:

Not just another rattle.

  • Pediatric Therapist Designed
  • Made in USA of FDA approved materials
  • Handle small enough for the smallest baby to hold
  • Extremely light weight (under 1 ounce)
  • Soft soothing sound that does not startle
  • Developmentally stimulating
  • Balanced, won't twist the wrist of the newborn
  • Cleanable in the top rack of the dishwasher

Magical Innovations Baby Barbell is the perfect toy not only for preemies, but for full term infants, too. Our tiny charges depend on us to choose optimal toys that are not just exciting and fun, but also help facilitate and stimulate their development. That is why our Baby Barbell, the exercise rattle is so important.

We know that studies suggest babies like bright colors, so our colors are brilliant. Iridescent green, sunshine yellow, hot pink and summer sky blue, we don't offer it in brown, beige or oatmeal.

We designed our Baby Barbell with a narrow handle that is a perfect fit for an infant's small hand. The right fit enables the baby to improve grip strength and eventually to pass the rattle from one hand to the other. Developmentally, this is an important step.

The Baby Barbell is also light and balanced. At less than one ounce, it is expertly crafted and uniquely shaped.

Newborns are especially easily startled, so a toy that's too loud or that makes a harsh noise is not very comforting. The Baby Barbell has a very soft and gentle sound.

Colorful, safe, well designed, and with a gentle sound, Magical Innovations Baby Barbells are not just the perfect preemie first toy, it's the perfect first toy for all babies. It is a unique, American made, American designed, classic toy.

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