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The animals of Earth's most endangered habitats are in danger…the power to save them is in the cards! The Xeko game has been passed down through the ages from Xeko Master to Apprentice for the purpose of training new members to balance the Earthworks. Xeko Masters are gathering to help defend the strange and wonderful animals of the hotspots, some of the most fantastic-and most threatened-places on Earth.

Xeko stimulates interest in science and nature by combining two things kids love: collectible cards and wild animals. A hit with kids and specialty retailers across the USA, the verdict is in: Having fun is only natural!

Mission: Indonesia, the third Xeko mission, launched in late 2007. Mission briefing kits-aka Starter Sets-were snuck out of Indonesia disguised as a coffee crate. The crate is made from sustainably farmed wood grown in New Zealand, and it's the perfect place for collectors to store their Xeko cards. SRP: $29.99

Mission: Indonesia Booster Packs contain some of the coolest creatures on Earth, including the pygmy seahorse and Sumatran orangutan. Players build the strongest Xeko decks and enhance their Xeko knowledge by adding Mission: Indonesia cards to their collections. SRP: $3.99

Mission: China, the fourth collection in the Xeko eco-adventure series, launches as the 2008 Olympic Games get underway in Beijing. Home to the beloved giant panda, the adorable red panda, and the critically engendered snow leopard, China's wildlife is under threat-and Xeko Masters will soon receive their mission kits for the most exciting Xeko journey yet! Starter Set SRP: $24.99; Booster Pack SRP: $3.99

Xeko Pals™ are plush animals made from organic cotton and soy-based fabrics. Xeko Pals are based on the wildly popular characters of the Xeko game, and as with all Xeko products, 4% of net sales are donated to Conservation International in support of its work to save the hotspots. Contact us for information about ordering Xeko Pals for your store.

Special offer: Free shipping when you order any three cases

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