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Mazzarella Media

Mazzarella Media is an independent children's video publishing company founded by longtime educational producers Anthony, Thomas and Mark Mazzarella. Mazzarella Media has sprung from the Mazzarella's passion to develop and produce distinctive, high quality programs for families with young children.

Our Mission
The purpose of Mazzarella Media is to fulfill the needs of parents and families who appreciate the importance of education and wish to enrich their children's lives with substantive learning programs that stimulate the imagination, nurture creativity and encourage children to explore the world around them. Mazzarella Media speaks to desires of parents and caregivers who seek to provide entertaining educational experiences for their children during the pre-school and primary school years.

Our Products
Our products are designed to "get kids thinking" about themselves and their world. Our goal is to enhance a child's intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth with programs that spark their natural curiosity. Each Mazzarella Media product promotes and fosters involvement and motivates children to explore and experiment with their new found knowledge.

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Mazzarella Media primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:


P.O. Box 86 Bristol, CT 06011
Tel: 800-583-1988 x43

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